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I just posted some photographs that I have take while here in Berlin on Flickr.


to my berlin reader:

i don't know who you are, but i am coming to your city tomorrow. any suggestions where i should eat, shop or be a tourist at?

I have traveled a ton in my 33 years, but lately I have been traveling so much that I am getting really tired of packing.

A few tips I have figured out:

1. Pack the least amount of toiletries.
2. Always bring a Camera.
3. One carry on, unless you don't want to check your bags.
4. Put as much as you can in your suitcase, ie: laptop powercords, leatherman, crimpers, etc...
5. Pack diversely in the clothing department, but light.
7. Remember to leave room for the potential purchase for the return trip.
8. Take Airborne.
9. Dress comfortably for the plane.
10. Make sure to wiegh your bag before going to the airport.


Film: There Will Be Blood

If Daniel Day Lewis does not win an Oscar for his performance in this intense film, then I will know that the Academy Awards is truly rigged. He's a completely unredeemable character with an unstoppable greedy and competitive personality. However, I found it interesting that the characters who surround him end up reflecting the same characteristics that he does, except perhaps the son. The most fascinating part of the film is the relationship between the oil man, Daniel Plainview (Lewis) and the young clergyman, Eli Sunday. Both exhibit hypocrisy, greed, competition and a desire for power. The churh tries to use the oil man for his money, and the oil man uses the church for material gain. Some of the scenes between Daniel and Eli are so intense, they are hard to watch. Though the characters in the film may not find redemption, I do think that there is a lot to learn and ponder from watching the characters interact. For me, this is one of the best films that I have seen in a long time.


Thoughts About My Library

At some point, I need to organize my books into categories of:

Books I Have Read
Books I Have Not Read
Books I Have Read and Want to Read Again
Books I Have Read and Will Never Read Again


Teal Scarf

Some of my favorite gifts are things that people have made me. I have this teal crocheted scarf that one veronicam knitted me a while ago. Its really skinny and long so I can wrap it a million times around my neck. It matches everything. I can wear it pretty much anytime I feel like it. I have worn it down to the perfect softness. It's almost like a security blanket.

I remember when she first gave it to me, she was a bit aplogetic about the length. "I'm sorry, I just kept going and I didn't realize how long it is. And If you don't like the color, I totally understand," she said to me before I had even unwrapped it.

Little did she know.

If I ever lose this scarf, I will be sad. And I will promptly text or twitter her to let her know that she better have some of that yarn stashed away because I will want her to make me another.

I think I shall make her a wedding present instead of buying one.